• Nancy



BENEVOLENT LOVE is the desire to help others and to do acts of kindness.  In this new energy and higher frequencies of love you can witness BENEVOLENT LOVE all around you.  I see them as Earth Angels that give their time to make a contribution to this world.  Earth Angels are those you see helping an elderly person go for a walk in the sunshine. Earth Angels are those that volunteer at organizations like the humane society for animals.  Earth angels are those in a long line up at the grocery store and the see that the person behind them only has a few items to purchase so they let that person go ahead of them.  Earth angels let people merge into traffic.  Earth Angels remember people’s birthdays and make a call or send a card.  Earth Angels are every where, just not in the mainstream news.  They are quietly going about their days making a difference and demonstrating BENEVOLENT LOVE.  Are you an Earth Angel?

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