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Imagine a mobile with issues facing you in your life right now.  For example, health, finances, family, travel, hobbies, and pets.  You have these all nicely balanced and then a puff of wind comes along, which you have no control over and the whole thing starts to sway and dance at the mercy of the breeze.  Life is like that and all we can do is learn to flex and re balance being resilient as best we can. We soon become masters at multi-tasking and then POOF, the big one RETIREMENT.  At first it is glorious.  You realize that there really is nothing you HAVE TO DO and can indulge in what your little heart desires to do.  BUT after awhile this looses its luster and BOREDOM starts to settle in.

“Boredom is dangerous. The destructive behaviors you might indulge in while bored can affect your health or shorten your life. A bigger danger is that it blocks your passage to a sense of fulfilment in later life.  This is where I found myself and challenged myself to shake it up.

By constantly distracting yourself and not paying attention to your feelings of boredom, you are closing off the path to your emotional awareness. It is only in having awareness of yourself that you will find solutions.” SIXTY AND ME

Remove Your Avoidance Strategies

Do a behavioral cleanse, starting with removing your most readily available methods of distraction. You might begin by cutting down on television viewing, or time spent on social media. Your next step could be changing your sleep habits. This continues until you have addressed every one of the things that keeps you from exploring your boredom. You can then begin to introduce more positive activities, like visiting a gym or taking a walk in a park.

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