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As another birthday approaches I find myself searching for meaning and purpose in my life.  I miss my passion for life.  I was known for my joie  de vivre.  I miss ME.  In my search I came across lots of articles and more questions in search of meaning and passion.

1)  What feels timeless when you do it?

2)      What can you relentlessly pursue without ever growing tired of?

3)      What is a constant source of energy in both your words and actions?

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where do I belong?

  3. When do I feel fulfilled?

  4. What have I done that I’ve never grown tired of doing?

  5. What have I done that energized me, either intellectually or emotionally?

  6. What have I done that didn’t seem like work?

I will get to work on these and keep you posted……..

“You’ll know you have found your purpose in life when you can say that your pursuit of it is TimelessTireless, and causes Contagious Energy.”

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