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Great blog info from Dr. Joe….BELIEVING IS SEEING.  If you are putting your focus on lack then that energy goes to scarcity.  If you are living in the past, using emotions from past experiences, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Your thoughts and emotions must line up with the future you.  The future you already exists you just need to align with it.  When you align with the future you consistently, living from that space you have changed your state of being.  It is then and only then that the universe lines up to bring you your heart’s desire.

You need to act and feel as if it has already happened and be grateful.  Forget the ‘how” because if you think about the “how’ you limit the potential possibilities.  If you live from a place of wholeness, not wanting for anything then lack cannot exist.  Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic and we are electromagnetic beings living in a universe of unlimited potential.

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