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Perspectives of ‘Letting Go’

1) ‘Letting go’ is to surrender – surrender to the moment – to the Now. Because, when in the Now you are standing in the Light. The Now is sacred. Not to be in the Now, is ‘Not to Be’, and ‘Being’ can only exist in the Now – your Being, your Now, your path. Your true expression of ‘Being’ is but one form of Love – self Love.

2) ‘Letting go’ is to live without expectation – to judge not – which is another form of Love – unconditional Love.

3) ‘Letting go’ is to live the Truth – your Truth. To live your Truth is to witness  and appreciate your true self – your perfect self – which is yet another form of Love – unadulterated Love.

4) ‘Letting go’ is to live in Faith – to fear not. Faith requires recognition of fear only as it pertains to what Love is not, which is fearless Love.

5) ‘Letting go’ is to ‘Be’. Beingness is a state of perfection – a state of existing as Love, which is enduring Love.

Love: Faith, Truth, Now, Light -You.

written by BRO.

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