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We can begin healing ourselves by applying compassion and forgiveness to ourselves.

We need to forgive those false beliefs we have held that have been programmed into us from a very tender age.  Subtle influences from the significant others in our lives were taken as truths and if uncovered today, we see they are false. These false beliefs are the cause of illness and disease within our bodies.  By loving our bodies and understanding the pain we can stop resisting and accept the messages we are receiving.  We can then let go, love and forgive ourselves.

“When we do this, we are putting forth a very powerful energy field that is healing. When we look at ourselves from compassion and lovingness, we begin to heal.  We also now know that what we forgive in others is forgiven within ourselves and disappears from our perception of the world.” HEALING AND RECOVERY by David R. Hawkins M.D.,PhD.

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