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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

“Your intuition will wisely guide you into the balanced and intelligent heart frequencies of true love.

The feelings of true love and care are very different from feelings like attachment and overcare.

Overcare is when you allow lower heart bands to take over your feelings and they can deplete your system and cause tremendous stress. Stress being the #1 killer of wellbeing.

If you suffer from a broken heart, your mind takes a deep disappointment and keeps replaying the same loop of negative feelings over and over which reinforces the hurt feelings each time.  When you are hurt, the emotional shock can short-circuit your mind and your emotions.

Love can seem like the cause of that hurt, especially when the initial heart feeling is deep and sincere.  In reality, it’s what your head does with our feeling of love the determines whether it stays in the higher heart and is fulfilling, or leads us into lower heart feelings and stress.

Only the heart has the power to give you complete release from mental and emotional issues that drain you.  The bailout is to activate enough heart power to replace self-victimizing head programs with true heart programs.”  Sara Paddison – The “>Hidden Power of the Heart.

Learn to feel again from the heart.  If it feels good, do it and if it does not feel good do not do it.



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