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I give up.  Has anyone else in their 60’s given up finding love?  The websites are so canned, with drop down boxes and when you put in your specifics for matches they send really weird matches and you wonder where they get their ideas from.  The mature men need coaching to at least smile in their profile picture.  Some of them you just want to shoot and put out of their misery. And please put your teeth in and comb your hair…shudder….

Then you finally start to communicate ,after paying for that privilege of course, with someone who may be interesting,  You summon the courage to meet and what you meet does not look at all like the photo posted.  Do you run or does your compassion kick in and you say, stay open to possibilities.

I have had a few horrid experiences and it is my fault.  I did not listen to my intuition.  One fellow retired with an income of $600.00 per month.  Guess who he was looking to to supplement his income.  Another was so unhealthy your future looked like a care aid.  One was just certifiably loony.  And the last one tore a strip off me because I live with my kids (and I left my gorgeous home) to help them out as they are on shifts with no childcare available.  Sorry if I care about my kids.

And that brings me to men with cats…I always am cautious about that.  Cats are non committal and they say our pets are a reflection of ourselves.

The last and worst was I thought I had met the one.  Open minded, romantic, healthy, altruistic, loved children etc. etc.

It WAS too good to be true and it was. Someone for New Delhi had hacked this man’s account profile and the last email communication was asking for money.

So can I come to accept that I will be alone for the last 30 yrs. of my life?  I have so much love to give, what a shame.

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