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I have been blessed with so many amazing friends in my life but two are in the fore front at the moment.  My best friend Shirley May has been courageously struggling to regain her health from an onslaught on her body.  A little background on my amazing friend. We met nearly 49, yes, 49 years ago.  She had just lost her Dad to a sudden heart attack while shoveling snow off their roof.  He was a young man, husband and father of 4.  Shirley was only 12 years old.  When I met Shirley 2 years later in Junior High we just connected.  Since then we have had a full and rich history of adventures and struggles together. Now in this present day at the age of 63 she has FINALLY and I mean FINALLY  got some results.  Due to her strength and faith and strong will to live her lungs are on the mend and the cancer in her ovaries will be removed to give the best chance at a full recovery.  We, a group of long time friends have always said she was our Saint.  She is the most self-LESS person I have ever met.  Her whole life has been of service to her husband, daughter, handi0capped son, her Mother, in-laws and a whole host of friends and relations.  I often wondered how anyone could give so much to so many.  I think the harsh lesson on her journey is the universe stared to give her warnings to start taking care of herself which due to a way of life of serving others, she ignored.  So the universe took away her breath and she struggled to breath for years.  Still she did not heed the nudge from the universe.  So, the universe slammed dunked her with a long battle with cancer and she ultimately had no choice but to be sick.  Even during her chemo treatments she was still looking after others.  AMAZING!  Our amazing Saint friend now has a second chance and lots to live for and love for herself and others.  Thank you for being such a blessing in my life Shirley Mae. I love you.

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