• Nancy


We spend so much of our precious energy on trying to fix what is wrong with ourselves and I offer you a new perspective.

What about focusing your energy on what is RIGHT with you? While doing this, a wonderful memory surfaced and I realized that when my heart was over flowing with LOVE, the Universe responded by flowing with more joy and abundance  into my life.

I was so full of this LOVE I wanted to reach out and share it with everyone and every thing.  What happened to that delicious time in my life?   It was the loss of my soul mate and my whole world literally turned upside down.  Everything I loved I had to leave behind to survive.  I have been in survival mode ever since.  So long so that I have almost forgotten how to love UNTIL I was blessed with two little angels that came into my life. My granddaughters.  My life is once again filled with joy and laughter.

I delight to look at the world through the eyes of a child and they see only what is right with them.  We all need to tap back into that loving innocent child within to look through the eyes of LOVE.


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