• Nancy


LOVE IS IN THE AIR…great song,  Hum it to yourself as you get creative and plan a way to give a nudge of love.

Some beautiful examples are springing forth all the time.  Paying for toll for the car behind you, buying a Tim Horton’s coffee card and giving it to a stranger, painting love on a rock and pass it to a stranger, give a flower to an elderly lady in the grocery store, shovel the snow from you neighbor’s driveway, send a beautiful scarf to a patient in the hospital, drop off your old cloths to the Sally Ann, feeds the birds, volunteer at animals shelters,….and on and on.

I ask that you create a long list of your own and each day make an effort to make the act a realization.

YOU will be the receiver of the magical feeling that comes into your heart and you will radiate.  Smile with love let the world shine.


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