• Nancy


Have no idea if anyone ever read these but I love to write about what I have learned.  I am a spiritual seeker, looking for my gift that I am supposed to share with others.  Last path I have been down is Living from the heart as the heart is smarter than the head.  I just keep following my heart and what resonates with me and have found the most amazing information.  It is just a joy to watch the vibrational waves of humanity grow higher and higher.  It is like a good tsunami, if you will pardon the use of the word tsunami, but this huge tidal wave of compassion has been pulsing through the collective mind. More and more positive and wondrous things are happening all around the world.

I like to try everything that appeals to me or is brought to my attention by Divine Love. First I would like to thank the universe for the information about super foods and their healing power.  it works.

Secondly I just found in the most round about way Vibesup.

Sharing with you now.


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