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You know the feeling when the plane hits an air pocket and you have a death grip on the arm rest.  Well, my poor favorite chair is suffering from claw marks and deep indents of white knuckling the craving for my best friend SUGAR.  Oh Sugar, oh sugar how I miss the way you mess with my brain and release endorphins that makes me feel GREAT!

Here is some info I found: “Processed sugar also increases endorphin that can boost mood and provide a temporary chemical “high”.   Oh yeah, how I love that high. I knew it —-certain people may be genetically predisposed to crave sugar . Plus, recent research suggests people who prefer sweets are more likely to be friendly, compassionate, and yes— sweeter. .


Forget friendliness— research has linked sugar consumption to higher rates of depression .  Here is a great Ted ed video about sugar cravings:  How sugar affects the brain.

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